Jul 12, 2011

A Berkshires Summer Hit

Every so often, one works on something truly new, and it works out so well!

The raving reviews are now in (cast: beware if you don't read reviews!) of pride@prejudice by Daniel Elihu Kramer at Chester Theatre Company (the site of my Berkshires directorial debut).

Here are a few links and quotes:

Fuse Theater Review: Jane Austen Tweets In Chester, MA

"...two hours with nary a dull moment and the actors seem to be having as wonderful a time as the audience..."

The Arts, Etc.: pride@prejudice

"Austen's leading characters are all there [played by a cast of five]. They've stepped out of the novel's pages, not the least bit dusty, and filled the stage with vibrant life."

"Crisply, sensitively and lovingly directed by Ron Bashford ..."

In The Spotlight: pride@prejudice

"This is a delightful production and one not to be missed. It breathes new life into a beloved story, and very well could inspire a re-reading of the novel."

Only six performances left! If you can make it to Chester, please come!


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